Are you ready? Your Direct Manifestation
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You are about to discover:
  • A Step-by Step, Guided Walk-through of this profound Technique, so you can Feel Confident Knowing that your Manifestations will bring the Best Possible Results.
  • How-To Permanently Eliminate the most Common Obstacles to Manifestation Success in order to Ensure Great Results Every Time.
  • How-To Distill your Requests down to something the Universe can Easily Understand which Enables you to Properly ask for what you Desire, Further Increasing your Chances of Getting it.
  • What true manifestation is and how it compares to remote influencing and programming the Matrix
  • How-To Project your Manifestation Directly and Eliminate the Risk of Interference by the Gaia Mind. (You’ll see Why Adding this one step makes All the Difference.)
  • Specific examples for manifesting things such as money, love, and friendship
  • Emotions that will block your manifestations
  • Why Group Manifestations seldom work… And how you can overcome those challenges
  • How-To Hasten your Results by adding this one Specific Feeling…Which Means you’ll Experience Better-than-Average Results in a Fraction of the Time
  • How to Manifest things that are completely new… Including new spiritual experiences
  • Essentially, you are learning how to Rewrite Reality and Override the collective consciousness…


You will need a “zip” program installed.

Mac Users: The Unarchiver and Stuffit expander are free mac programs.


PC users: 7-Zip is a widely used free program.Other popular versions of this software type are WinRar and WinZip. These will allow you to uncompress the data once you download your class.



Your Downloads

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Manifestation Cube:
A tool manifestors use with meditation to enhance programming abundance and remove manifestation obstacles.


ONCE you have mastered Direct Manifestation…

There is a secret tool we have created and experimented with. This instrument is designed to ENHANCE and AMPLIFY the process of manifestation. It is NOT a substitute for doing the work of mastering the technique.

Direct Manifestation is a direct route to re-programming reality. As you will soon discover, some programs are easier to write (or overwrite) than others. I have been successfully using the Direct Manifestation techniques for 13 years before this ‘device’ was created.

What is does do is make your manifestations more effective, stacking as much in your favor as possible. When the time comes, once you find the power and results of Direct Manifestation, you may consider whether one could be crafted for you.

Do you want to know more about the Manifestation Cube?